What is GPS?
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What is GPS? Working principle and 2 ways activate

You surely have heard a lot about GPS in the modern 4.0 era. But do you understand what is GPS and how it functions? If not, you can read the post after this one to find out more information about this technology from Tech.blogtuan.info.

What is GPS?

The US invented and maintains the global positioning system, or GPS. A system of several satellites called GPS orbits the planet at a distance of 20,200 km.

What is GPS?

“Global Positioning System” is known as GPS in short. Anywhere on Earth and in any weather, GPS can function well. Additionally, this GPS navigation app operates continuously around-the-clock, and for some services, it may even be free. And the primary system used by smartphones, computers, tablets, and other devices is GPS.

Working principle of GPS

Two times every day, GPS satellites will orbit the Earth in incredibly precise orbits. The GPS will then transmit a signal to Earth following that. The on-board GPS receivers record this data and utilize trigonometry to determine the user’s precise location.

In fact, the fundamental function of GPS is to contrast the times at which a signal is delivered from a satellite and received back on Earth. From there, using the signal’s transmission time error, we can determine how far away the GPS receiver is from the satellite. The receiver will determine the user’s location and display it on the device’s electronic map using multiple distances measured to many satellites.

Working principle of GPS

In other words, the GPS’s basic operating principle is fairly straightforward. You can visualize the following for simplicity.

There are three fixed spots on the map: A, B, and C. According to GPS positioning information, the distances between point A, B, and C and where you are are 1, 3, and 2 kilometers, respectively.

Then, draw three circles with centers at A, B, and C with radii of 1 km, 3 km, and 2 km, respectively.

From there, you can see where the three circles above join to determine your location.

How it functions: GPS location software for portable electronics, mobile phones, and smartphones

One of the major turning moments in science can be argued to be the invention of the GPS navigation system. GPS improves the quality of our lives in the present.

The applications of GPS navigation systems on cellphones and portable devices

Whenever a car accident occurs while you are driving and it is an emergency, you can use the GLONASS signal. An automatic GLONASS alternative will be transmitted to the appropriate authorities for prompt processing.

Provide entertainment: Currently, GPS navigation is frequently incorporated into games so you may find friends nearby and easily compete with them.

Health and fitness: GPS is now widely used for smart wearables like smartwatches and fitness trackers. Thanks to the support of GPS, you can simply track your physical activity, sports, movement,… as well as your running and cycling distance.

Locate the user’s position and provide directions using a map

In addition to its numerous commercial applications, GPS navigation systems are frequently utilized in the following professions:

Measure the distance you have covered or even the speed at which you are moving.

Support for managing preferred categories and digital maps for users with smart device integration.

enables users to shoot pictures with geolocation information or to show the path of an oncoming road.

Built into smart devices smart watches, mobile phones, etc. to assist with remote phone locking or looking for lost items.

Bring up search results in the ideal location: The restaurants that are closest to you will be given preference, for instance, if you are looking for a restaurant that uses location to find.

How to correctly activate GPS

How to turn on the iPhone’s GPS

1. Short Guide

It’s quite easy to enable GPS navigation on an iPhone; just follow these steps quickly:

How to turn on the iPhone's GPS

  1. Access settings
  2. Privacy
  3. Turn on location services
  4. You can decide whether to enable or disable location for each program.
  5. At the location services interface, enable find iPhone.

For those of you who are familiar with the iOS operating system, use this strategy. If you haven’t used your iPhone much, you may learn how to switch it on below in more detail.

2. Specific guidelines

You can do the following actions in order:

Step 1: Switch on the phone, then select Settings from the main menu.

Step 2: Choose the privacy item.

Step 3: Drag to activate the location services section after choosing it.

Step 4: On the location service interface, pick the application to use GPS positioning for, and then continue to select no or when using the program.

Step 5: On the location services screen, click the Share My Location button to access the Find iPhone mode.

Step 6: Click switch on under the Find iPhone section. Turn on sending last location and offline finder mode simultaneously to facilitate finding your phone.

You may quickly turn on or off GPS on your iPhone using the instructions listed above. If you switch from an iPhone to an Android phone and are unsure how to activate GPS, you can follow these instructions:

How to turn on GPS location on an Android device

You follow the same steps as with an iPhone to enable GPS locating on an Android device. Specifically, do the following:

How to turn on GPS location on an Android device

Step 1: Turn on the phone and navigate to the Settings menu.

Step 2: Locate the Location section.

Step 3: Drag the control bar to choose On or Off (ON/OFF).

Step 4: If a message appears requesting confirmation, all you have to do is click Accept.

Step 5: You can use GPS if you can see the GPS icon on your phone’s status bar.


We have discussed what is GPS, working principle, and how it is used to support applications around the world in this post. One of the earliest operational satellite positioning systems was GPS, and today’s advancements in positioning technology are supported by its breakthroughs. GPS will continue to be a vital part of daily life as GPS-based autonomous applications proliferate.

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