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What Is Augmented Reality? 3 Best Applications In the future

What Is Augmented Reality? Pokemon GO used to be a global fever game, bringing in billions of dollars in revenue for developers. What makes this game successful is the application of augmented reality (AR) to increase the experience, and fun for users. So What Is Augmented Reality technology? And how life will change in the future thanks to AR.

What Is Augmented Reality?

So, What Is Augmented Reality? Augmented reality (AR) is a direct or indirect view of a physical, real-world environment where elements are “augmented” by perceived computer-generated information. produces, ideally across multiple sensory modalities including sight, hearing, touch, history, and smell.

The sensory information overlay can be constructed (ie sub to the natural environment) or destructive (ie mask of the natural environment) and is the registered space with the physical world as such. which is considered an immersive aspect of the environment. In this way, augmented reality alters a present’s perception of a real-world environment, while virtual reality replaces the real-world environment with a simulation.

What Is Augmented Reality

Augmented reality is used to enhance natural environments or situations and provide emotionally enriching experiences. With the help of advanced AR technologies (such as the addition of computer vision and object recognition), information about the real world around the user becomes interactive and digitally manipulated.

Information about the environment and its objects is overlaid in the real world. This information can be virtual or real, for example seeing other real or measured sensing information such as electromagnetic radio waves overlaying exactly where they are.

Augmented reality also holds great potential in the collection and sharing of tacit knowledge. Incremental engineering is usually performed in real-time and semantic contexts with environmental factors. Insightful information is sometimes combined with additional information such as scores on a live video feed of a sporting event. So now you can know What Is Augmented Reality, we move to the next part of our article.

What Is Augmented Reality

How does Augmented Reality works?

Not every smartphone or electronic device can use augmented reality. Instead, to use this technology, the device needs to be equipped with an object recognition system, including describing what the object is, the shape of the object, and the position of the object in 3D space. .

Then use algorithms and other accompanying technology to reconstruct the image of the object into real space. For example, if you create a virtual chair, your device needs to calculate how to place that chair in a real space (house, office) so that it is most accurate according to the actual size.

Applications of Augmented Reality in the future:

1. Augmented reality will be the main sales platform

Imagine, one day, users just need to sit at home and click on what to buy. Then immediately, the system will reproduce the actual image of that item in real space.

What Is Augmented Reality

For example, you ordered a rather large set of cabinets and were wondering which corner of the bedroom to put in and whether it would fit or not? At this time, augmented reality technology AR will help a lot, by recreating the true size of the object to be purchased into the space where you live through the camera on your smartphone or computer.

And this is not imagining for the future, some current sales sites like PrestaShop or SnapShop have applied AR in their business. You can try on any of the clothes on sale through your smartphone or computer camera.

2. Changing teaching methods

To improve the quality of training, many developers, typically Microsoft, have applied augmented reality technology to teaching. AR will realistically reproduce models such as Machines, mechanical details, human body parts, and many other things in real space. Of course, users need virtual reality glasses or a big screen to be able to see them.

With the change in teaching technology, it is hoped that the next generation of knowledge classes will develop more comprehensively, and stronger than the previous traditional training.

3. Games and entertainment

Undoubtedly, the first purpose of augmented reality technology is to increase the playing experience for users. This is considered an attractive investment direction in the future.

What Is Augmented Reality

Just a game that brings in billions of dollars in revenue, nothing is impossible in the near future. However, the biggest barrier that AR is facing today is the approach.

Users are quite annoyed when they have to interact with AR virtual reality on the limited screen of electronic devices. Or the uncomfortable feeling when wearing bulky, weird virtual reality glasses.

Therefore, manufacturers need to be more active to create a device that helps increase the experience of AR virtual reality technology in daily life. When everyone can use them in the most comfortable and simplest way.


As you can see, augmented reality technology has huge potential and will be a technological leap in the future. Where the virtualization process will support users in all areas from life and activities to education and health. So now, you can know more about What Is Augmented Reality and how it affects the future. Thank you for reading and see you later!

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