How to incorporate ribbon into a Christmas tree? 7 Tips
How to incorporate ribbon into a Christmas tree? 7 Tips
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How to incorporate ribbon into a Christmas tree? 7 Tips

Ribbons can be used in a variety of ways to decorate Christmas trees. You can use some Christmas tree ribbon to establish the scene, whether you want to stick with conventional ornamentation or construct a complex wonderland. Your options for incorporating some of these loops onto your Christmas tree are only limited by your creativity since they are available in a variety of colors and materials. Let’s follow us to find out how to incorporate ribbon into a Christmas tree in this post!

How to incorporate ribbon into a Christmas tree

Deciding on the Best Christmas Tree Ribbon

Although ribbons exist in a variety of colors, sizes, and materials, wired ribbon works best for this project because it will maintain its shape when fashioned into loops and bows. Regarding the width? The optimal range is 2.5 inches to 5 inches. A basic rule of thumb is that there should be at least nine feet of ribbon on every foot of a tree, meaning that a seven-foot Christmas tree requires 63 feet of garland.

Think about scale and your own preferences as well: If you want a deeper, richer effect, you might need an extra ribbon, depending on the size and shape of the tree. Additionally, if you have any extra ribbon from the Christmas tree, use it to adorn the wrapped gifts below.

How to incorporate ribbon into a Christmas tree? 7 Tips
How to incorporate ribbon into a Christmas tree? 7 Tips

Get the Tree Ready: How to incorporate ribbon into a Christmas tree

Start with a tree that has lights already strung through it but isn’t yet ornamented. If your Christmas tree is fake, fluff the branches and test the pre-lit lights; if it’s live, trim the branches of any new growths. Your placement of the ribbon will be guided by the lights, which will point out any spotlights and any darker spaces between the boughs.

Make a proclamation: How to incorporate ribbon into a Christmas tree

Red and green may be the traditional holiday hues, but Just Destiny Mag shows how a tree decorated in black and white, with neutral sleigh ornaments, makes a stylish statement.

Basic Decorating Principles

Cutting the ribbon or not cutting it is one of the two simplest methods for working with it. In order to prevent the ribbon from fraying, secure your garland at the top of the tree by wrapping one end around a branch. Then, weave your way down the tree by weaving the ribbon in and out of the branches.

Step back every few loops to make sure the garland looks evenly dispersed as you continue this in-and-out looping pattern to the bottom. If you’d rather use cut ribbon, interior designer Cynthia Sheen, owner of Cinzia Interiors, recommends cutting the ribbon into short lengths, bundling them into bundles, then tucking the bundles into the boughs starting at the top of the tree and working your way down to create rounded, loose tufts.

Use a pipe cleaner to tighten the center of pieces of ribbon that are 24 to 36 inches long, she instructs.

How to incorporate ribbon into a Christmas tree? 7 Tips
How to incorporate ribbon into a Christmas tree? 7 Tips

“The ribbon should then be rolled up and unrolled spirally. It resembles a large curl that forms a lovely, flowing ribbon.” Anchor the ribbon lengths at the top of the tree and allow them naturally drape at the base if you wish to try vertical draping.

What happens if you unexpectedly run out of ribbon? She suggests “cutting the ribbon into 20-inch strips and pinching at each end.” “Attach the ribbon on the tree with ties. It conserves ribbon and gives the impression that it is weaved into the tree.”

Make use of texture, pattern, and color

Interior designer Kade Laws advise thinking outside of the conventional holiday color scheme when choosing ribbon for your Christmas tree. To great success, she has combined the colors lime green, turquoise blue, and metallic silver. The traditional color scheme of red, green, and black is tried and true; it is reminiscent of buffalo plaid used in farmhouse-style interior design.

Prepare pink and orange ribbons

Do you favor Candy Land’s sweetness? Laws suggests using hot pink and orange ribbons to cascade or drape down the tree to simulate candy-striped ribbons. Laws claims that you may even combine different options to give the design of your tree a depth of dimension. She explains, “I combined Christmas plaid ribbon with a solid color ribbon. “Adding dimension to your tree can be done by using wired ribbon along with silk and other glittering materials.”

Complement the holiday décor at your home

Darryl Carter, a Washington, D.C.-based interior designer, adopts a more modernist stance: He remembers once utilizing a giant orange disc as wall art to compliment an orange burlap ribbon that was draping down the Christmas tree. The orange components gave his home’s white, beige, and marbled decor a splash of bold color.

He claims, “I made a response to a piece of art.” Carter advises adhering to a monochromatic color scheme for a striking appearance that is fashionable and current in more contemporary situations.

Arrange a Theme: How to incorporate ribbon into a Christmas tree

How to incorporate ribbon into a Christmas tree? 7 Tips
How to incorporate ribbon into a Christmas tree? 7 Tips

Based on the subject of your Christmas tree, choose the ribbon. Sheen utilized burlap ribbon to decorate her seaside tree, which was surrounded by white sailboats with blue hulls and blue nautical ornaments.

And a Christmas tree in jewel tones was decorated with dazzling purple and green decorations that gleamed in the room, as well as shimmering green lattice or mesh ribbons. Choose a ribbon that complements the rest of your holiday decorating by drawing inspiration from the motif of your Christmas tree.

What kind of ribbon do people use to decorate Christmas trees?

For the purpose of adorning a Christmas tree, several different types of ribbons are available. The most popular type of ribbon is wired because it may be wrapped horizontally or applied as a cascade down a tree without losing its structure. There are ribbons available in a variety of widths (the wider the better 2-4′′ in width), textures (the bigger the better – mesh ribbon, velvet ribbon, or burlap ribbon), and colors.

Although the most common Christmas ribbons are red, plaid, and gingham, these days. An inexpensive approach to experiment with new trends without replacing all of your ornaments is to switch up the ribbon design or test out different ribbons.


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