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10 VPS hosting providers: Best web host

One of the most well-liked web hosting services at the moment is top 10 VPS hosting providers, which is our focus today.

The term “VPS” (virtual private server) refers to a secluded server environment where each client receives a certain amount of system resources with the opportunity to scale up or down without difficulty as their project expands. It has many hidden benefits and is a multi-layered service.

Let’s briefly review the top 10 VPS hosting providers.

What is VPS Hosting?

When shared hosting becomes insufficient for your website, VPS hosting is the logical next step. You have a system where only a few clients use the machine, as opposed to numerous users using the same server resources. Additionally, the accounts are totally segregated from one another, ensuring that nobody else can affect your security or performance.

All of that is made possible via a procedure known as virtualization.

It enables you to divide a single physical machine into multiple virtual instances, each of which can function independently. In contrast to shared services, users are given significantly more access because they act individually. Therefore, the possibilities for what you can do with VPS hosting providers are almost limitless if you have even a basic understanding of server administration.

10 VPS Hosting Providers

1. Liquid Web

For its potent VPS servers and business-grade infrastructure, Liquid Web is well-known. The firm doesn’t serve shared clients; instead, it concentrates on companies who require a stronger website.

Virtual server alternatives are plenty for both Linux and Windows hosting customers, largely varied in the hardware resources you start with. However, Liquid Web’s entry-level package still entitles you to 2 CPU cores, 40 GB of storage space, and an incredible 10 TB of bandwidth. Additionally, the storage is SSD-powered, ensuring that all websites hosted on the VPS load pages quickly.

You can pick between the three most widely used control panels for managing servers: cPanel, Plesk, and Interworx.

For customers who require further assistance, Liquid Web also provides package services. They come with benefits like daily backups, premium corporate email, and site security.

Liquid Web - VPS Hosting Providers


  • Incredibly strong VPS infrastructure
  • SSD drives for faster loading times
  • Superior support group
  • Proactive server surveillance
  • An integrated firewall and advanced DDoS defense
  • Better content caching with Cloudflare CDN


  • Unaffordable for modest projects

2. DreamHost

Users of DreamHost VPSs never have their monthly bandwidth usage restricted. The size and popularity of your website matter more.

Startups and small enterprises can make a safe sanctuary for their lightweight project on a machine with 1 GB of RAM. In a similar vein, if your company has hundreds of employees, you would want a solution that requires more resources.

Every account has the option of having an infinite number of mailboxes, as well as an SSL certificate for further protection.

running low on supplies? With a single click, increase RAM or storage and take advantage of quick provisioning.

DreamHost WordPress Hosting - 10 VPS Hosting Providers


  • Excellent for projects and clients in the US
  • No monthly traffic cap
  • Managed security updates from professionals in the field
  • RAM and storage capacity expansion
  • Individualized control panel
  • Several business email addresses


  • Moving a website is not free.
  • Live customer assistance options may be more effective.

3. Scala Hosting

An aspiring host with an emphasis on managed VPS services is Scala Hosting. Starting with just $14.95/mo for entry-level consumers, the company offers comprehensive and scalable products at unexpectedly low costs.

Scala Hosting is always looking for methods to grow the sector as a whole, and their own products are a wonderful example of that. The company provides SPanel, a cPanel substitute that retains the industry leader’s extensive feature set while being offered for free. Other proprietary tools for managing WordPress and securing websites include SShield and SWordPressManager.

Among the many other benefits offered by the other services included are free website migrations, daily backups, and a dedicated IP.

An all-in-one resource for WordPress users looking for a strong VPS solution.

Top 10 VPS Hosting Providers | Scala Hosting


  • A free alternative to cPanel’s control panel
  • Advanced malware and virus defense with SShield
  • A certain portion of the hardware resources
  • Pleasant customer service that is always there
  • Backups made every day to a secure place
  • SSD disks for improved load times and speedier performance.


  • Simple WordPress setup, but no auto-installer for other applications
  • No phone support

4. Hostinger

Hostinger, in contrast to Liquid Web, is focused about affordable costs. With the aid of hundreds of subsidiaries, each of which focuses on a distinct local market, the Lithuanian supplier operates on a global scale.

You can expect some great VPS deals from Hostinger as well as support for the complete spectrum of hosting services. You can choose between a monster machine with 8 GB RAM, 160 GB of storage, and 8 TB of monthly traffic or a starter server with 1 GB RAM and 20 GB of disk space.

All versions are scalable and come with features like a dedicated IP address and complete root access (IPv4 or IPv6).

VPS Hosting Providers- Hostinger


  • Unbeatable VPS costs
  • Options for users of Linux and Windows
  • Minecraft players have dedicated servers.
  • Exclusive IP address
  • 100GB/s network without limitations
  • Solid-state disks are used in the most recent Xeon servers.


  • Unsuitable for websites with considerable traffic
  • Lacks support for live chat

5. A2 Hosting

The Michigan-based company A2 Hosting is aware of the importance of speed in the modern internet environment. All services strive to speed up page loads and lighten the burden on servers.

With some remarkable technology, A2 does that by providing VPS clients with at least 4 GB RAM, 75 GB of SSD storage, and 2 TB of monthly transfer. You can also choose the Turbo option, which uses a super-fast LiteSpeed server for your website’s requirements, to increase speeds even further.

Top off this lucrative offer with timely security patches, free site transfers, and core upgrades from the host.

A2 Hosting


  • Turbo setting for accelerated speed
  • Generous deployment of server resources
  • Free data transfer
  • Money-back guarantee at any time
  • Firewall and Cloudflare CDN
  • 99.9% uptime guarantee


  • Backups on demand are compensated.
  • Support services could be enhanced.

6. InMotion Hosting

Performance, security, and convenience are the three main considerations for managing your VPS hosting, according to InMotion. The host therefore provides sufficient features to address all three.

The solutions from InMotion Hosting are quite customizable and come with five cPanel licenses to get you started. The business uses a configuration that is traffic-focused so that your website can accommodate more users than the typical virtual server.

You receive SSH access to configure any specifics you might require, just like with other managed VPS services. Thanks to their collaboration with Corero, InMotion will guarantee that your projects are secure against DDoS attacks.

InMotion Hosting


  • Suitable for active websites
  • WHM + cPanel are included
  • 3 or more dedicated IPs
  • Dashboard for resource monitoring
  • Snapshots of servers
  • 2 hours of free launch assistance


  • Fully managed VPS plans cost a lot.

7. HostPapa

Like many of our rivals for the best VPS hosting providers, HostPapa offers the same built-in features to every client with the only difference being in the available system resources.

Even entry-level users benefit from powerful servers with 4 CPU cores, 60 GB SSD storage, and 1 TB bandwidth thanks to the Canadian host’s unrelenting effort in that area. Considering that this is a VPS machine, you can logically scale your primary resources without switching to a different plan.

There are lots of features for new users to experiment with. The necessities, such as site migration, a control panel, and a security certificate, are still present. However, HostPapa goes above and beyond by including extras like private nameservers and two dedicated IPs as opposed to one.

HostPapa - VPS hosting providers


  • Privileged access
  • Improved deals for SSD
  • Transfer your server to this host from another
  • A pair of exclusive IP addresses
  • Private DNS nameservers for free
  • Many email addresses


  • Paid daily backups
  • Limited bandwidth

8. HostGator

One of the oldest and largest hosting companies in the world, HostGator is renowned for its low prices and quick server setup.

Your monthly bandwidth is unrestricted by the supplier, and the disk space is more than enough. However, keep in mind that the storage is an HDD rather than an SSD, thus quantity rather than quick speed is more important.

There are several accomplishments that leave a favorable first impression. You receive a few dedicated IP addresses, an unlimited number of email addresses, and centralized DDoS defense. Another excellent selling point for HostGator is their scheduled and daily backups.

Overall, the packages are strong enough for expanding businesses.

VPS hosting providers - HostGator


  • Powerful hardware from AMD and Intel
  • Unrestricted bandwidth
  • First year of domain registration is free
  • Quick software installations
  • Scheduled backups offsite
  • Total freedom for customizing


  • Longer commitments are necessary for good prices.
  • Poor assistance

9. GreenGeeks

For simple web hosting control, the VPS plans from GreenGeeks include a cPanel and a Softaculous auto-installer.

Choose from three package options with 2–8 GB RAM, 4-6 CPU cores, and 50–150 GB of disk space. The latter is powered by solid-state drives, so you can rely on exceptional speeds and long-lasting hardware.

You receive all the essential features, including powerful DDoS protection, proactive monitoring, and a free dedicated IP.

By returning 300% of the processing power in the form of renewable energy, GreenGeeks also contributes to lowering the carbon impact.

GreenGeeks VPS Hosting


  • Environmental services
  • Free data transfer
  • Includes SSL certificate
  • Complimentary dedicated IP address
  • License for cPanel+Softaculous
  • On all plans, managed support


  • Absence of novel features
  • Comparable solutions seem more affordable with other hosting.

10. Cloudways

On our list of the best VPS Hosting Providers, Cloudways stands out from the competition a little bit. It’s a PaaS solution, which serves as a distributor of other cloud services rather than a direct supplier.

You begin by selecting one of a number of expensive plans from leading providers like Linode, DigitalOcean, Amazon AWS, Vultr, and others. After you choose a host, Cloudways offers expert cloud server management and round-the-clock support so that you can concentrate solely on your business.

It’s comparable to making a grocery run and having the cashier show up to assist you in cooking dinner.

Cloudways web hosting


  • A variety of top-tier cloud service providers are available.
  • Superior hardware with installed Varnish and MemCached
  • Support that is very knowledgeable
  • Solution for a custom control panel
  • Host countless websites on a single account
  • Simple deployment


  • Does not permit complete root access
  • Your domain name must be registered elsewhere.


As you strive for excellence, we only looked into the best 10 VPS hosting providers and ranked the top candidates. Your WordPress project will fully benefit from its hosting setup because virtual servers are typically faster, safer, and better optimized.

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